We invite Investors





We invite Investors

Open Company "F.M.-TANDEM" suggests to take part in manufacture on wood impregnation (cross ties, a translation and bridge bar, columns LEP, etc.) high pressure  way.

You have a capital? You want, that it worked? You accurately understand, what it should be manufacture? Then it is necessary for you to address to us!!! We offer cooperation in wood processing high pressure  way. You become the owner or the co-owner of the perspective enterprise. Why cross tie impregnation?

The cross tie is always demanded, taking into account constantly growing building of the railways and reconstruction become outdated. Why the wooden?

As it is known, wood possesses many properties which are giving priority to it before other materials. At wood use as material for manufacture of cross ties, it is necessary to note its rather low price, sufficient durability, indispensability at low temperatures, high shock-absorbing properties, possibility of application of simple fixing details for connection of wooden cross ties with other elements of a railway way. The pine cross tie weighs about 80 kgs (ferro-concrete - 270) that facilitates way repair. One of the major properties of a wooden cross tie, unlike other types of cross ties is possibility spreading a rail track in curves in radius less than 350 m.

High pressure  impregnation of wood.

For impregnation of cross ties, translated and bridge bars, details of support of power lines and columns of communication of GOST 20022.5 provides a way of high pressure  impregnation by oily protective equipment - pressure - pressure - vacuum which allows to impregnate wood on demanded depth at the smallest expense antiseptics.

Production of our enterprise buy as the large industrial enterprises of a metallurgical complex of Ukraine, and the small construction and trading companies as in Ukraine and abroad. By means of the equipment of our enterprise, deep impregnation of columns of LEP (power lines) is possible, and it is an economic sales market.

For acquaintance with our production and demonstration of quality of production, we invite you, to visit our enterprise during any time convenient for you.

To earn money with our enterprise it is real!

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