Open company "F.M.-Tandem" for 4 years of work in the market of Ukraine on wood impregnation by high pressure  way concluded and executed, through the constant dealers of open company "Oliva-Strojservis" and open company "Forest-Strojeksport", a number of large contracts on delivery of finished goods for the railway of Ukraine and the industrial enterprises as Ukraine and Neighboring countries.

It is only in 2011 it has been executed more than fifty contracts on delivery of cross ties, translated and bridge bars impregnated in the high pressure way. So for operating time the following large industrial enterprises became our constant customers:

  • PAO «Metinvest Holding»
  • PAO "MK Azovstal"
  • PAO «Alchevsky MK»
  • PAO «The Mariupol MZ of Ilyich»
  • PAO "Donetskstal-MK"
  • PAO «Enakievsky MZ»
  • PAO «Hartsyzsky pipe plant»
  • PAO «Evraz the Dnepropetrovsk MZ of. Petrovsky»
  • PAO «Evraz Dneprodzerzhinsk KHZ»
  • PAO «Ordzhonikidzevsky GOK»
  • PAO «Marganetsky GOK»
  • PAO «The Dnepropetrovsk MK of Dzerzhinsky»
  • Open company «Smart Nerudprom»
  • PAO «Krivorozhsky iron ore combine»
  • PAO «Stakhanov plant of ferroalloys»
  • PAO «Nikopol plant of ferroalloys»
  • PAO «Crimean titan»
  • PAO "Dneproazot"
  • GP «Zaporozhye Titanium-magnesium works»
  • GP "Sverdlovantratsit" etc.

As production of our enterprise passed tests by quality and in neighboring countries and today is in demand at the enterprises for service of the railways and undergrounds of such countries as Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the countries of Baltic.

Proceeding from the foregoing we offer you cross ties, a translated and bridge bar impregnated in the high pressure way about use of the latest equipment and observance of requirements standardly to documentation on production of this kind of production.

Uchredytely  Ltd. "f.M.-TANDEM" on the awarding of certificate number 000001
in Dnipropetrovsk authorities Certification of Railway Transport (DOSZHT)

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