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The sleeper impregnation plant F.M.-TANDEM LTD has in its structure an industrial complex with the following capacities:

Name Square
1. Administrative-household complex with independent heating (administration room; food intake room (kitchen,) shower room; toilet) 52,9 m2
2. Boiler-house (Steam and gas generator of Italian manufacture VPR-500 of 2006 year of manufacture (in operation since 2008; technological pipeline; fire alarm system) 47,9 m2 1 pc

3. Impregnation shop - Autoclave 1,2-219 of 1992 year of manufacture with the hinged hydraulic equipment, is put in operation after preservation in 2008; - Capacities for storage of antiseptics with the technological pipeline and the equipment. 339,9 m2 1 pc
450 m3
4. Production warehouse - Finished goods ground storage; - Ground storage of not processed wood. 766 m2 480 m2 286 m2
5. Tanks connected to the pipeline of the shop and allowing to perform impregnation of wood by immersing 2 pcs 50 m3
6. Gallery for cooling of finished goods 70,8 m2
7. Complex of constructions of clearing of air of industrial zone 90 m2
8. Fire-prevention reservoir 30 m2
9. Crane runway - Crane KB-271 of 1980 year of manufacture, repair 2010, - Trolleys (for wood loading in an autoclave)
- self-movable unit for transportation of trolleys in an autoclave
287,9 m2 1 pc 14 pc 1 pc
10. Access road 200,08 m2
11. Site total area 5385 m2
12. Capacity of a site on wood impregnation by autoclave method: (at 1-shift work (10 hours) (at 2-shift work) 14000 m3 20000 m3

And other auxiliaries, allowing to make qualitative impregnation of wood according to the newest technologies.

All permission documents for activity of the industrial enterprise are available.