Bars roadways wooden






Bars roadways wooden:

  • On geometrical parameters and quality of wood - GOST 28450-90 "Bars roadways wooden";
  • Security parameters - GOST 20022.5-93"Protection of wood. High pressure  impregnation by oily protective means";
  • Protective means - GOST 2770-74 "Oil coal for wood impregnation".

Technical characteristics of a bridge bar

Wood is applied to bar manufacture, coniferous breeds, a pine.

The nominal sizes and maximum deviations from the nominal sizes of roadways bars make:

The size of cross-section, mm Length, mm Volume, 3 Maximum deviation from the nominal sizes, mm
Thickness, mm Width, mm Length
200x240 3250 0,156 - 2,0 - 0,0 15,0
220x260 0,186 + 0,0 + 3,0

At the customer's request for railway bridges with the increased distances between longitudinal beams (farms) make bars section 220280 and 240300 mm, and also length of 4,2 m.

Parameters of security of a bar bridge wooden at preservation

Protection of wood GOST 20022.0-93 "Protection of wood completely meet the requirements. Security parameters"

Before impregnation humidity no more than 25 %. Humidity of wood is defined in compliance of GOST 20022.14-84 "Protection of wood. Methods of definition of before impregnation humidity"

Norms of absorption antiseptics, kg/m3

The name The minimum The planned
Pine and cedar bars 79 96
Fur-tree and fir bars 62 69

Standards of depth of impregnation

The name Depth of impregnation
On a sapwood, mm High grade and ripe wood, mm
Pine and cedar bars not less than 5 not less than 5
Fir-tree, fir and fallacious bars not less than 5 not less than 2

Average service life

The name Average service life, years
Bars the wooden impregnated 15-20

Certificates accordance

Certificate  vidpovvidnosti for manufacturing bridge beams  for the broad gauge railway Certificate  vidpovvidnosti to manufacture wooden bridge  beams

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